Missionary to Philippines- Brain and Katherine Schaadt (Ethnos 360)

Missionary to West Africa- Tom and Laura Requadt (World Venture)

Dear Ministry Partner,

In the translation I have the pleasure to let you know that we succeeded in hitting our goal of being in Matthew seven by this update. We made it up to Matthew 7:6 at the close of Friday’s translation session. And if we can average between 10 – 12 verses a day, God willing, we should be into chapter ten by the next update. Please pray that this would be so and that we would be attentive to the Spirit’s leading as to the best way to translate each verse.

As for the Bible club, there is great success to report on two fronts. First, Laura succeeded in handing out over 400 cups of water this past week along with over 300 mangoes from one of our mango trees (and it still has quite a few on it ready to be handed out as well). Secondly, on the Bible memorization front, just this past week 2 children completed the first set of 100 verses, one did 300, another did 500 and another completed the sixth set of 100 verses and is now working on seven hundred. As for Guedema, he is still blazing away having gone past 1,100 verses and is closing in on 1,200. Who knows, he may catch up with Diakalia who is working on 1,500 verses. Keep praying for all these children as they are hiding great amounts of God’s Word in their hearts that they would understand what they are memorizing and so turn their lives over to God and live for him.

As for our long-term requests for additional workers and additional Shempire readers, I do not have much to report here, so the success story will have to wait for another day. But God is good and faithful to his Word, and so we look with anticipation as to how he will graciously respond to these requests.

Thank you for walking the Jesus road with us and standing with us in this ministry via your intercessions and prayers. Via them you are making a difference in so many lives here. Thank you.

In Christ

Tom R

Truth and knowing truth is the ultimate existence of man. (Ps 51:6)


Dear Ministry Partner,

Thank you for praying for Pastor Mamadou and me as we went through our word list making sure that each word is spelled correctly. Well, I have the immense joy and relief to let you know that we are finished with this task and so can return to our main thing which means restarting the translation of the Gospel of Matthew. So, this coming Monday we will take up where we left off at Matthew 3:11, and God willing by the next update we should be finished with chapter six and starting on chapter seven. Please pray that we see well how each verse is written so that we can faithfully reproduce it in Shempire, especially now with orthographically correct words.

In the Bible club Laura has been able to stay on task in the main thing of having children hide God’s Word in their hearts. And for this, I have the great pleasure to let you know that Guedema was indeed able to finish his 1000th verse and so received a much sought-after drum that is just his size. I am sure his parents are equally thrilled this great acoustic instrument. So, now he is working on the next card of one hundred verses along with many others. For all these children, please pray that their hearts and minds would be open to what they are memorizing so that they would come to understand who God is and how much he really does love them.

And as for our long-term requests, please continue to pray for the Lord to raise up more workers for here, more Shempire readers and someone to head up a literacy program among the Shempire.

Thank you for bringing all these requests before our heavenly Father. Knowing that you are standing with us in this ministry via your prayers and intercessions really blesses and encourages our hearts.

In Christ

Tom R

Truth and knowing truth is the ultimate existence of man. (Ps 51:6)


Dear Ministry Partner,

Thank for your continued good prayers for the translation and Bible club. Via them God is strengthening us, allowing us to see good results in both. Thank you for helping make this possible.

As for the translation, since the last update Pastor Mamadou and I have been checking each word on the list to see if it is spelled correctly, and where not, making the appropriate changes. When this happens, we also need to make sure that the same changes are made in each place where this word occurs in the Shempire Scriptures. As you can imagine, this is time consuming and demands persistence. So, please pray that we would have the needed patience and a good eye for detail so that we will catch any misspelled words and then make the appropriate changes in the word list and in what has been translated. Presently we are about halfway through the list and God willing we will be finished with this task by the next update.

And thinking of the written text, recently, a long-time prayer supporter wrote expressing his concern that long-term prayer requests especially those relating to God raising up additional Shempire readers have not been regularly part of our updates. We appreciated his good words and to rectify this oversight we would ask you to pray frequently and often in a special way that indeed God would lay this need of Shempire readers on the local leaders’ hearts as well as those Shempire who do know how to read their own language. For this, please pray that God would raise up someone to oversee a literacy program not only in our town but in the Shempire speaking villages around us. Along with this, please pray for more workers to come and involve themselves as a response to Luke 10:2 in the work here. And if I overlook bringing these needs to your attention on a regular basis, please write and let me know. In fact, if there are areas that you think we need to highlight or give further attention in our updates, please do not hesitate to write and let us know your thoughts, we would love to hear from you.

In the Bible club we have the good pleasure to let you know that children continue to come on a daily basis and in good numbers to learn verses and then listen to Zumana tell them some Bible stories. It looks like he is taking this responsibility seriously. Please pray for him that he would truly understand what each story that he teaches is saying and that he would take these truths into his heart and believe them. And thinking of Zumana, just a while ago today he finished memorizing his 400th verse. He along with Guedema (who just yesterday finished memorizing is 900th verse) are making great strides in hiding God’s Word in their hearts. Pray for them, and all the other children who are working on verses, that they would think on them, understand them, and truly open their hearts to God.

There is one last subject of prayer that I need to bring to your attention. In the last couple of months banditry in the guise of jihadists and attacks on government officials (i.e., gendarmes) have increased and are occurring in towns closer to our part of the country. While this is not of imminent danger, there are concerns that this might come closer to where we are. At present we do not have any leading from the Lord to pull up stakes, but please pray that if we do need to leave that God would make this manifestly clear to us. May we be as Christ exhorted his followers to be in Matthew 10:16.

Thank you for lifting up all these needs before our heavenly Father. It comforts our hearts knowing that you are standing with us in the ministry here via your prayers and intercessions. Thanks for covering our six. And we wish you a joy filled Easter celebrating our Lord and Savior’s resurrection which makes all this possible and why we are here and why you pray.

In Christ

Tom R

Truth and knowing truth is the ultimate existence of man. (Ps 51:6)


S.O.S. Translation has stopped

Hopefully, the subject line isn’t too disconcerting, but in spite of this seemingly alarming news, we still want to let you know how grateful we are for your good and faithful prayers for us and the ministry, for God is indeed hearing your requests and answering in some delightful ways. For this here are some praise and prayer points.


1) 1 & 2 Peter are officially approved for use in the ministry.

2) The reread of Revelation is done.

3) An incredible number of children (233) have learned an incredible number of verses (8,320+) in 6+ months.

4) The Lord may be raising up a possible Bible teacher.


1) Please pray for patience, endurance and a good eye as Pastor Mamadou and I verify each word in our word list and make the needed corrections in it and in the translation.

2) Pray that the Lord would continue to send children to learn verses and that their hearts would be open to what they are memorizing.

3) Pray for the teenager who may be leaning toward becoming the new Bible teacher.

4) Pray that the Lord would raise up the funds to eliminate the shortage in our support.

Expanded Update

Before explaining the subject line, I want to thank you for praying for the translation as I have the great pleasure and joy to let you know that 1 & 2 Peter and Jude have passed their final checks and so have received official approval to be used in the ministry here. Also, we have finished the reread of Revelation, and it along with Hebrews will be out for further testing to see what corrections need to be made before these are sent to the consultant for their final verification. Hopefully, this testing will be done in the next few months. XXAs for the translation of Matthew (and an explanation of the subject line of this email), we have arrived at Matthew 3:11 but have put a temporary halt to it due to another issue that has arisen. In the last couple of weeks Pastor Mamadou has been bringing more and more words to our attention that should be spelled slightly differently. So, as this was becoming a trend and that there appeared to be fair number that needed correction, we have decided to go through our word list and double check each word to see if they are indeed spelled as they should be.

This means that we have close to 50 three columned pages of words to examine to see if they are spelled correctly or not. This is slow and challenging work to make sure that each word is as it should be, and then when a correction needs to be done, how to correctly spell the word and then make sure that it is correctly spelled in all its occurrences in what has already been translated. So, please pray for Pastor Mamadou that he will have clarity about his language and how best each word should be rendered and then for me as I work with the computer making sure that each word is correctly spelled in the text. We would rather not have misspelled words in the translation. Please pray that this would be finished by the next update.

In the Bible club here are some numbers for the children who have learned verses and how many in the past 6 1/2 months:

220 have learned the first verse (John 1:29)

10 have learned 400 verses

2 have learned 1,300 verses

1 has learned 1,500 verses

On top of these encouraging numbers, it looks like the Lord is possibly raising up one of the regular attendees who is interested in teaching the Bible lessons. His name is Zumana, and he is fourteen years old. Please pray that if this is the person that God wants to be the teacher that this will be very clear to both Laura and Zumana.

Lastly, our support level has dipped a bit so that we are presently short almost 2% of being fully support. This translates into us needing about $160.00 per month to be back again at the desired 100% support level. So, please pray that the Lord would indeed raise up the needed funds so that this shortage is taken care of.

Thank you for partnering with us via your good and faithful prayers and intercessions. It encourages our hearts knowing that together we are making an impact for the kingdom of our Lord and Savior in this part of the world.

In Christ

Tom R

Truth and knowing truth is the ultimate existence of man. (Ps 51:6)


UPDATE from Tom & Laura February 2021

Dear Ministry Partner, Thank you for praying for the evangelistic outreach that our church here did in Galamankourou a little over a week ago. About 10 people from the church went and sang and danced, shared testimonies and the Gospel was preached to the 100+ people who showed up, which given the size of the village this was a large turnout. While Pastor Mamadou said that no one made a public confession of faith, all went well and the truth of Christ and our need of forgiveness in him was well proclaimed. As for the progress of the Gospel in other villages around our small town, I have the pleasure to let you know that in Sinti (a village near Galamankourou) where the church has also conducted outreaches on a number of occasions, Pastor Mamadou related that there is now a group of about 45 people who are meeting together on Sunday mornings. And in a handful of other villages there are about 10 or so faithfully gathering together to encourage one another in the faith. And one of these, Foubele, just received a huge blessing when the chief of the village accorded the church group there a parcel of land measuring just about a hectare. So, God is at work not only here, but in the villages around us as the Gospel is being taken and proclaimed. Thank you for praying for this. As for us, our travels to Kadiolo and back went well and I was able to complete the business in town. After this we and the Frazees had a good time fellowshipping and praying for one another. Thank you for praying as all the details came together and we arrived safe and sound at all destinations. In the translation I have the great joy to let you know that 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus have been officially approved for personal use and use in the ministry here. And now with these passing their final check, all of Paul’s epistles have been translated. And so, for this coming week Pastor Mamadou and I will be working through the consultant’s notes on 1 & 2 Peter as well as continuing our reread of Revelation. Hopefully, by week’s end Peter’s epistles will have passed their final verification and we will have finished the reread of Revelation (presently we are at Revelation 21:9), and if all goes well, we will have the joy of having started to translate Matthew next week as well.

Ministry page: https://worldventure.com/tlrequadt

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