About Us


We are a sovereign, independent church fraternally associated with the Southwest Church Connection of Venture Church Network, a ministry of the Conservative Baptist Church, WorldVenture, and Mission Doors that seeks to share the gospel of Christ to Bisbee, to Cochise County, and the uttermost parts of the earth. We collegially associate and fellowship with other like minded churches and ministries.



In our Statement of Faith you can get a better understanding of what we believe as Baptists, and what we refer to as "Baptist distinctives", the beliefs that may distinguish us from other groups of believers. However, when asked to name the most important Baptist distinctive, more than one member answered "Pot lucks"!! Indeed, we as a church family enjoy "breaking bread" together and spending time with one another, and do so frequently. Keep tuned for more information about upcoming opportunities to gather and enjoy what God is building at First Baptist.

Learning The Word Of God

We at First Baptist enjoy gathering for many reasons, but our central focus is on growing in our relationship to Jesus Christ. We hunger to be taught and hear the preached revelation of scripture and look to the Bible and God's Holy Spirit as our source of wisdom and understanding of how to live a life of faithfulness to the Lord. We join with one another to learn, to pray and give thanks to our God. We lift our voices to Him in praise and in worship; that he may receive glory and honour.